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Physiotherapy Treatments for Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder pain is one of the most common conditions treated at our physiotherapy clinics. Frozen shoulder is a common cause of shoulder pain. It can develop following a trauma, but often will develop for no apparent reason. Severe pain is the main symptom initially, followed by marked limitation of movement. The patient will notice a gradual inability to raise his / her arm above shoulder level, reach behind his/her back to tuck in a shirt or put on a jacket. In the early stages, the pain is so severe that the patient’s sleep is very disturbed and even very strong painkillers do not give much relief. It generally resolves over a period of 12-18 months, but can cause significant functional limitation and distress over that time.

Research has shown that the most beneficial treatment of this condition is a combination of corticosteroid injection into the shoulder joint and physiotherapy (massage, stretching, joint mobilisation, specific exercises). It has been shown to be significantly better than rest, heat, painkillers or physiotherapy in isolation (Carette et al. 2003 and Ryans et al. 2005).

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Cortisone Injections Now Available

We are very proud to be able to offer cortisone (steroid) injections for pain relief as it is an advanced skill that requires extensive post-graduate training and as a result very few physio clinics throughout the UK are able to offer this service.

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