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Physiotherapists use electrotherapy equipment to ease pain, decrease muscle spasm, reduce swelling, help break down scar tissue, reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process. The two most widely used pieces of electrotherapy equipment in physiotherapy departments are:

Ultrasound Therapy - This machine produces high frequency sound waves which stimulates blood circulation and cell activity, accelerating the healing process. It is used extensively in the treatment of sports injuries such as sprained knee and ankle ligaments. A professional footballer would probably receive this treatment a couple of times a day to treat such an injury to get him back playing as soon as possible. Ultrasound is also used to break-down scar tissue and persistent bruising.

Interferential Therapy - This involves electrodes being applied to the skin in the area of the problem. A specific electrical current is delivered between the electrodes which results in desensitisation of nerve fibres, which causes a decrease in the pain level and muscle spasm.

All of our physiotherapists are qualified to use ultrasound and interferential therapy as part of their treatment. We have Ultrasound and Interferential Therapy machines in all of our clinics.

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Cortisone Injections Now Available

We are very proud to be able to offer cortisone (steroid) injections for pain relief as it is an advanced skill that requires extensive post-graduate training and as a result very few physio clinics throughout the UK are able to offer this service.

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